Who We Are

Family Rise Together (FRT) understands in our states that we operate in despite opportunity there is a lack of participation.


Children are not participating in summer school programs even when offered. Why is that? Are families afraid of the stigma attached to the term “SUMMER SCHOOL’? How will our children close the gaps in education if we continue to accept them falling behind. The inanities that we reason with are no longer acceptable within our communities. Our children deserve better. Our elders deserve better and our communities deserve better!

Our Goals

Our organization will provide therapeutic services to include certified therapist.

We will serve families based on need. We will collaborate with other community services to obtain referrals.

We will serve families who are rebuilding parental relationships after reentry into the community from being incarcerated.  We will provide community activities for fathers and their children to rebuild their relationships.

Our organization will provide volunteer parental and adolescent support groups.

We will coordinate services with existent agencies to create a support groups for families and their children.

Our future plans include eventually providing transitional housing for fathers and their children.

We will provide transitional housing for fathers and their children. Our homes will reduce homelessness of fathers and their children.  Our homes will be state inspected, supervised twenty-four hours a day and provide economic development for fathers.

Our future plans include offering educational events as well as our publications and website.

Family Rise Together will educate the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community and will advocate and defend human and civil rights secured by law.

Who conducts activities?

  • ChaQuana McEntyre,  President will serve as a Volunteer Executive Director along with dedicated volunteer board members will begin to conduct all services.

Programs for Volunteers: At times, per the discretion of the board of directors, we may provide internships or volunteer opportunities which will provide opportunities for involvement in outreach activities and programs in order to have a greater impact for change. One of the activities that volunteers may be involved in is basic education on topics such as nutrition, diet, agricultural techniques, livestock growing, and water treatment in order to promote Sustainability. Such activities shall always be free of charge to participants and will not include compensation to the volunteers.

When is the activity conducted?

  • Our organization will provide services year round Monday-Friday 8a.m.-5p.m.   Special events could include weekend field trips.
  • We will conduct business in the state of Texas in Collin County to include Frisco and Plano, in South Dallas counties and surrounding inner city communities.

How does the activity further your exempt purposes?

  • Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, exhibit empathy and pro-social behavior, and avoid high-risk behaviors such as drug use, truancy, and criminal activity compared to children who have uninvolved fathers.
  • Based upon our services these are the following statistics we are basing and justifying the need to receive our exempt status to address our target population.

How We Are Funded

Financial Information

The sources of the corporation’s income derive from personal resources and public donations.  Additional income sources will include grants, sponsorship and fundraising. The corporation disposes its income through the decisions made by its board of directors or through the decisions of the duly elected treasurer, whose power to pay expenses is set out by the board or the corporation’s bylaws in accordance to the corporation’s purpose.  Expenses paid by the corporation include, but are not limited to: equipment purchases and rentals, president‘s salary, insurance premiums, internet web site fees, publications, advertising, and miscellaneous board expenses.

Mail Solicitation:  To develop program materials and flyers to be distributed to community agencies, businesses and other organizations requesting monetary and/or in-kind contributions for specific organization purposes.

Personal Solicitation: To develop through building relationships with community leaders, stakeholders, and volunteer members the awareness of the needs of the organization and that personal donations will be accepted.

Foundation grant solicitations:  The organization will seek contributions from private and public foundations that further the mission of the organization.  As an example, the organization will solicit donations from charitable and family foundations organizations that seek to provide funding for addressing Fatherhood issues and reunification with family members.

Government grant solicitations:  The organization will seek contributions from government agencies that further the mission of the organization.  As an example, the organizations will solicit donations from state and local government agencies that seek to provide funding through the community development block grant funding to support the services of our organization.

Our Founder

How We Got Started

Who is ChaQuana McEntyre ?

ChaQuana has dedicated her life to acquiring experience around passionate and purposeful people strategy which has accumulated in the launch of Family Rise Together. ChaQuana is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and social worker in St. Louis County, Minnesota. ChaQuana has a keen sense of facilitating uncomfortable forums about fatherhood, systematic oppression for the paternal family system and cross-cultural discussions. She has had the opportunity to participate in a variety of facilitating courses, workshops and seminars that have allowed for a broad resource base on which to build her career.

ChaQuana obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work with a focus on child protection services. She earned her Master’s at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. She has also completed chemical dependency certification. ChaQuana has 10 years’ experience working with adults who suffer from dual diagnosis and mental health disabilities. ChaQuana was also employed as a contract and full time employee for St. Louis County; she worked as a Cultural Specialist Family Group Decision Making Facilitator and Safety Planner. ChaQuana engaged, located and built rapport with African American fathers and their families to educate them about their responsibility as fathers while their children were in the care of Public Health and Human Services of Duluth, MN. This was naissance of Fathers Rise Together.

ChaQuana utilizes her natural talents, education and community resources to work with men whom are reintegrating back into the community from incarceration. She volunteers with Minnesota Department of Corrections to offer men who are incarcerated a new perspective on life and opportunities available to them. She created a workshop educating 16 youth how to start a business, how to create community vulnerability assessment tools, how to utilize the data to create the Pop Up Shop within the Lincoln Park community; which addressed the needs of community members and local families. ChaQuana participated in the ecosystem building collaborative; Creative Startups Labs in Duluth 2018. ChaQuana continues to build relationships and partnerships to strengthen the ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Duluth. As the CEO of Family Rise Together, ChaQuana continues to strive for a place and opportunities for children of diverse backgrounds to know they are welcomed, wanted and needed in their community. As an entrepreneur, ChaQuana has started to address the hair and skin care needs of African American and Biracial children in foster care in St. Louis County with her 100% Organic Hair and Body Balm. ChaQuana is a mother, a friend, a mentor, a listening ear, and teacher. ChaQuana is uniquely positioned to impact a nationwide community productivity and long term success, with her powerful vision of bridging purpose into the father’s role to promote healthy, productive and meaningful relationships with their children and community.

Family Rise Together (FRT) is guided by the philosophy and teaching of self-determination, personal control, and increased finances. The purpose of Family Rise Together is to help strengthen the family unity by engaging fathers and mothers in their children’s lives to establish family values, social roles and participation in the community.

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