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We Changed Our Name,

Not Our Values!

Fathers Rise Together has grown. We realize that family comes in all kinds of ways in order to achieve success. So from now on we are Family’s Rise Together.

Our Mission

Providing support for fathers and bringing families together. Family Rise Together (FRT) is guided by the philosophy and teaching of self-determination, personal control, and increased finances. The purpose of Family Rise Together is to help strengthen the family unity by engaging fathers in their children’s lives to establish family values, social roles and participation in the community.

Of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes

Children live absent their biological father


High school dropouts come from fatherless homes

How You Can Help

What can you do to save a family ?  FRT will help you prepare to properly assist a family in need with its’ easy and nationwide platform.


The Need

In our communities families’ unity and synergy are off balance. The off balance within our families’ is rippling into the communities our families reside around and in.  Unemployment, Underemployment and chemical dependency, substance abuse, lack of father’s presence and involvement in Child Protection Services (CHIPS/CPS) cases across our nation is detrimental.

Child welfare agencies still struggle to involve fathers fully. If a father does not live with the mother and is not regularly involved with the child, extra effort may be needed to identify or locate the father.

Duluth woman recognized statewide for minority businesses support.

According to the author of STRONG Fathers; Brian Clark,  

“An involved responsible fatherhood program can assist dads in seeing themselves as part of a team seeking to create a healthy and safe home or homes for their children.”

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