We Changed Our Name! Not Our Values…

Father’s rise together has grown. We realize that family comes in all kinds of ways in order to achieve success. So from now on we are Family’s Rise Together.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The inanities that we reason with are no longer acceptable within our communities. Our children deserve better. Our elders deserve better and our communities deserve better! It was with passion and drive that Family Rise Together was created. Who are we? We are a non-profit organization that believes in the family structure, family growth and community economics. Entrepreneurship is not only an option, it is a way of life for our families. Why FRT? Our approach to economic development growth assists Duluth’s diverse and marginalized community members who have an entrepreneurial dream by forming an incubator ecosystem.

Founded by ChaQuana McEntyre, MSW,CEO in 2014

Getting Involved

What can you do to save a family ? FRT will help you prepare to properly assist a family in need with its' easy and nationwide platform.

In our community poverty, hopelessness and boredom is an one-eyed ogress. There is a feeling of defeat overwhelming many individuals and families. The daily struggle of providing the basic needs for their household plagues their dreams with doubt. Family Rise Together has spent the last five years researching and working with individuals and families.
Our qualitative research states clearly, we can no longer ignore the rate of recidivism of incarceration, high school dropout, sexual abuse; (sex trafficking); chemical dependency/abuse, and mental health concerns for families. Families must be served a one unit to addresses the deep-rooted seeds of despair, depression, lack of resources and financial encumbrances. Our communities will no longer wait.

In our communities families’ unity and synergy are off balance. The off balance within our families’ is rippling into the communities our families reside around and in.  Unemployment, Underemployment and chemical dependency, substance abuse, lack of father’s presence and involvement in Child Protection Services (CHIPS/CPS) cases across our nation is detrimental.

Child welfare agencies still struggle to involve fathers fully. If a father does not live with the mother and is not regularly involved with the child, extra effort may be needed to identify or locate the father.

According to the author of STRONG Fathers; Brian Clark,  “An involved responsible fatherhood program can assist dads in seeing themselves as part of a team seeking to create a healthy and safe home or homes for their children.”

At times, per the discretion of the board of directors, we may provide internships or volunteer opportunities which will provide opportunities for involvement in outreach activities and programs in order to have a greater impact for change. One of the activities that volunteers may be involved in is basic education on topics such as nutrition, diet, agricultural techniques, livestock growing, and water treatment in order to promote Sustainability. Such activities shall always be free of charge to participants and will not include compensation to the volunteers.

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What We Do

Our Services

- Resume Building

- Entrepreneurship Programs

- Consultations and Referrals

- Rehibilitation of incarcerated fathers

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